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Whether you want more ground clearance to tackle that tough off-road terrain or for better handling on the worksite, we can help. At Spartan Tyre and Service Centre, we supply and install suspension lift kits and body lift kits for a wide range of vehicles. With a suspension lift kit, you get better ground clearance, a higher driving position and room for larger wheels and tyres. However, a lift kit will also alter the vehicle’s centre of gravity and handling, so it needs to be professionally installed and set up for optimal vehicle performance. From our fully equipped workshop in Sunbury, we offer lift kit modifications throughout Melbourne’s outer north-west including Diggers Rest, Oaklands Junction, Clarkefield, Wildwood and more. Our team of expert mechanics can install and calibrate a lift kit perfectly suited to your vehicle and driving requirements. From mid-size AWD SUVs to heavy duty 4WDs, we have kits suited to just about any vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a Subaru Outback lift kit, a Ford Ranger lift kit, or kits for a Toyota Landcruiser or Nissan Patrol, we can help.

Body Lift Kits vs Suspension Lift Kits

Body lift kits are designed to raise the body of the vehicle from the frame. They will increase the hide height and allow for larger wheels and tyres without affecting ground clearance or handling. Body lift kits are cheaper than suspension kits and easier to install. Suspension lift kits extend the vehicle’s suspension and raise the body and frame higher off the ground. They increase ride height, allow for larger wheels and tyres, increase ground clearance and affect the handling of the vehicle. Understanding the difference between the two will ensure that you select the lift kit that’s right for you.

Lift Kit Servicing and Maintenance

Because suspension lift kits affect a vehicle’s centre of gravity and handling, it’s important that they are installed and serviced by experienced professionals. Whether you drive a lifted Subaru Outback, or a lifted Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux or Nissan Patrol, we have the expertise to handle all your lift kit servicing and maintenance.
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If you’re looking for a new lift kit or you need servicing or maintenance for an existing kit, you can trust the team at Spartan Tyre and Service Centre. Wherever you are in Sunbury or nearby areas like Diggers Rest, Oaklands Junction, Clarkefield or Wildwood, our auto electrician offer a full range of mechanical services for just about all vehicle makes and models. To book a car service in Sunbury or get a quote, give us a call today on (03) 9744 2718 or contact us online.

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