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Car Battery Replacement

Is your car struggling to start? Is it losing power or having electrical issues? Have you had to jump start your car recently? Then chances are you’re having battery problems. No battery lasts forever, and over time your car battery will wear down, lose charge and start to degrade. And that can lead to difficulties starting and running your car as well as problems with the electrical system. At Spartan Tyre and Service Centre, we offer a comprehensive battery replacement service from our workshop in Sunbury. We also provide mobile battery replacement in Sunbury and the surrounding areas including Diggers Rest, Oaklands Junction, Clarkefield, Wildwood.

Do You Need a New Battery?

Battery replacement is usually a last resort option. Before replacing any battery, we will take the time to check your vehicle’s electrical system, and provide a car battery service. Oftentimes, having your existing battery tested, professionally recharged and serviced is enough to give it a new lease on life. However, if the battery is damaged internally or externally or has just reached the end of its life, then you may need a new battery.

What Kind of Battery Do I Need?

Car batteries come in a range of sizes, capacities and types and different cars will require different batteries. Depending on your vehicle and how you use it, you may need a starter battery or a deep cycle battery. Different size cars and stop-start cars also require different sizes and types of batteries. 4WDs and trucks generally require heavier duty batteries than standard family cars. At Spartan Tyre and Service Centre, we stock a full range of batteries suitable for all types of family car, SUV, 4WD and light commercial vehicles. Our auto electricians can recommend the best replacement battery for your vehicle, as well as install and test the new battery, while safely disposing of the old battery at no extra charge. When it comes to battery replacement cost, we offer highly competitive prices on all our batteries and stock only high-quality, reliable brands.
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Whether you’re looking for a mobile replacement battery service, a professional to charge or install a new battery, or an auto electrician to inspect and test your electrical system, we can help. We provide battery replacement and auto electrical work throughout Sunbury and the surrounding areas including Diggers Rest, Oaklands Junction, Clarkefield and Wildwood. To book a service or get a quote, give us a call today on (03) 9744 2718 or contact us online.

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